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Pastoral Services The School has 4 boarding houses. In order to provide role models and a family atmosphere each house is lead by a member of the teaching staff – the Housemaster who is involved in the day-to-day life of the student as a mentor. Cafeteria – Monotony of Regular trips to the mess is broken by weekly café. Boys can use Cafeteria on Sundays according to their schedule.

Tuck-Shop – Besides stationary brought from home after holidays, a boy needs stationary items often enough during the term time, especially during exams.

Clothing Store – Stitching torn clothes, buttonholes, woollens and clothes that need darning can be taken care of here. Boys can also indent school uniform items. Clothing store is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Document Center – Small Document center for occasional use at residences for project work etc.

Remediation – For students with slow learning capacity, remedial is a blessing.

Electronic Language Lab – The Language Development Programme supports students whose learning styles have created barriers to academic progress and also to remove accents and any hesitation that the child may have in speaking a language. This programme is designed to help them develop awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills and help them internalize the study routines that facilitate the learning process. We offer English, Hindi, Punjabi, German and French as taught languages.

Reprographics Center – The Reprographics Center is located inside the DCS Academic building and is available to pupils for their project work & assignments. The center is responsible for high volume copy production, project binding, lab manual production, colour copy service, scanning and design work, paper service, internet services Faculty Housing – A society is known by the way it takes care of its teachers. The school has taken steps in modernizing & refurbishing housing for teachers resident on campus. If our development effort can give every teacher a comfortable, energy efficient, well furnished home, it is half the battle won in maintaining the teaching standards of excellence that will keep The DCS at the forefront of education.

Electricity Generators – DCS possesses two big generators to serve the needs of the school during the power cut offs.

Water Generation & Purification System – Water Supply Water supplied at DCS is highly safe and free from bacterial contamination. The water is drawn from the schools bore wells and taken through a purifier and softener and again back to the purifier before finally being kept in a cooler for drinking or kitchen for cooking purposes.