Extra Curricular Activities

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Extra curricular activities are integral part of DCS. Some of these activities include: Celebrations, Painting, Debates, Essay Writing, Quiz, Acting & Play, Singing, Dance, Rock Band, All other Theater activities. Extra curricular activities are as important as academics in moulding the all round personality of the students. DCS offers plenty of opportunities in this area. DCS organizes a variety of stimulating co – curricular activities through the year, in accordance with seasons and suitability. A balance is created by interspersing outdoor action with indoor skills like yoga, meditation, painting, acting, quizzes & dance.

OA Theatre & Dance – The open air theatre accommodate about 200 students & is primarily used for special lectures, outdoor drama & celebrating festivals. Dramatics is taught to every child at DCS to blend the harmonious life. Bharat Natyam, Kathak & all western dance forms apart from those aboriginals form of dance are taught to every child.

Clubs & Activities – There are a wide variety of clubs and activities for students in the school. The range of activities does change each quarter and might include activities about the environment, writing, photography, art and service. Below is a sample of clubs run in the school. These are subject to change and students and parents will be notified in advance of each quarter. If students have ideas for other activities besides those mentioned below, these may be shared with their advisor or with the principal.

Art Club, Chess Club, Dance Crew, Student Government, Theatre Academy, Prepwork Club, Photography Club, Publications, Rock Climbing Club, Social Functions, Tennis Club, Swim Club, Sports Club, Intramurals.