Student Duties & Responsibilities

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Students can realize their rights only if they also exercise self- discipline and respect the same rights for all others. Keep your actions from infringing upon the rights of others. We expect the following things from each student, which in turn they can expect from us and from their fellow students:

Respect Yourself

Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity
Refrain from substance (drug/alcohol) use
Keep yourself neat, clean and appropriately dressed for class
Leave your gum at home
Set attainable, yet challenging goals
Accept constructive criticism
Display good sportsmanship when winning and losing.
Respect Others

Be courteous

Listen to other people
Share ideas in a constructive way
Help newcomers and visitors
Use positive and supporting comments
Behave in a safe manner
Use appropriate language in school.
Respect Property
Keep school equipment and books in good condition
Return borrowed property in good condition
Turn in lost items to the middle school office
Deposit litter and waste in appropriate containers
Leave others’ property alone
Maintain a safe, clean environment for others
Keep feet off of furniture
No Graffiti.

Respect Learning

Maintain quiet in and around classes in session
Participate fully in instruction
Arrive on time and prepared for class
Ask appropriate, on target questions
Strive to do beyond the minimum required
Academic honesty is expected.
Respect Authority/Leadership
Exercise self discipline
Follow directions of teachers/administrators
Use correct channels for complaints and suggestions
Offer ideas and alternatives rather than criticism.
Support the middle school student government and school sponsored activities