Social Services

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Social service has been an integral part of The DCS since its inception. This was long before the Indian Council for School Education (ICSE Board) structured Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W) as an ancillary, but mandatory part of its curriculum.

Over the years the DCS has accumulated an enviable record of service. All boys of the school have to complete mandatory hours of social service. The school runs a Community Hall where the students teach the underprivileged children. The School has, over the years, adopted villages and worked with the villagers in the construction of houses, community centres and school buildings; sanitation systems; energy efficiency systems; self-employment and small scale irrigation systems.

DCS has numerous and diverse programs. You’ll easily find one that fits your interests and schedule. During the 2008-09, from the school, some students gave few hundred hours of community service, which included Adopting a Village, Rural sanitation, Kar sewa at Gurudwara, Safety for women Campaign and other NSS and NCC programmes.

Week Without Walls (WOW)

The DCS “Week Without Walls” (WOW) Program provides students with unique cultural, personal, interpersonal and environmental experiences not available on the DCS campus. From these experiences students will learn, reflect, and grow as individuals.

The “Week Without Walls” (WOW) mission is to:

Provide authentic, direct exposure to India in order to nurture a better understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and geography
Develop new friendships as well as strengthen existing ones in the DCS community
Increase respect for the environment and local culture through exposure to unique habitats and the effect of human populations on land
Provide opportunities for personal reflection, self-awareness and selfreliance.