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Timings are altered for summer and winter conditions, but a typical working day commences at around 6:00 a.m. with line up. (tea and buttered bread) followed by P.T. for 30 minutes. The students then wash, change and attend two periods of study before breakfast. Breakfast is followed by “Assembly” in the School Hall. The Headmaster reads a non denominational prayer, which is followed by a devotional song chosen each day from different religions. Five more periods of study with a half-hour break in-between for mid-morning snacks, completes the daily classroom timetable. Lunch is followed by compulsory rest hour, during which boys must be on their beds with shoes off, either sleeping or reading. In the extreme summer rest hour is extended to two and a half-hours. From the end of rest hour to tea, boys are free two days a week to go to the Tuckshop, attend meetings etc. Two afternoons are spent on Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) and two afternoons on their Spare Time Activities (STA). After tea all students must play games : four days a week on the compulsory game of the season, and two days of the week on a game of their choice, followed by a bath. Supper is at 7:30 p.m. followed by one and a half-hours of homework time  when boys work in their preps. Lights out for juniors is at 9:30 p.m. The examination classes are allowed to study till a little later. In addition to the typical daily schedule, the students usually participate in a host of activities which are not really planned and recorded events. More often than not, the boys have after-lunch practice sessions for various speech and performance related activities, they attend talks and career-counselling sessions, remedial classes, inter-school and inter-house competitions, and the extra classes in the evenings which focus on certain problem areas in specific subjects.

Hostel Rate : Rs. 7000/- per month