Life at DCS

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A tranquil environment encourages the inner peace which is often necessary for study and creativity. The wooded rural site chosen for the DCS campus is about 70 kms from Chandigarh but has the fresh air ambience of a hill station. All indoor areas are temperature controlled. The generous shaded outdoor spaces for recreation (or simply sitting and thinking or chatting) encourage informal interaction between members of the community, whatever their age. At the heart of the school an open-air amphitheatre provides a vista across a huge campus.

So many schools do it the other way round! They construct an attractive building and find out too late that the rooms are too small or the wrong shape. Cramped classrooms may be appropriate to old-fashioned schools, where the students too frequently sit passively in rows and listen to lectures. Hands-on, project-based learning demands generous spaces in which furniture can easily be rearranged to reflect different methodologies: groups for project work, circles for discussion, and so on. The teacher has room to circulate, support, facilitate, stimulate and direct.