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Nourishing the child with appropriate nutritional supplements so as to enable his/her body grow & be fit. Delhi Cambridge School has kept international standards for hygiene & nutrition for every child. After all a healthy body houses a healthy mind.

During the day, the School provides four regular meals & all meals are prepared & served to the students within the Hostel Complex. The menu of the meals are based on the advice of nutritionists with stress on providing a balanced diet, with variety in preparations & occasional additions of non- veg food.

Arrangements for special diet is made for children on medical advice. The cooking of meals is supervised by Mess Incharge & precautions is taken to serve fresh & healthy food always.

Below is an example of the weekly menu which is served through out the day in school.

Day Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
Monday Bread Toast, Veg Cutlet, Milk Potato Amritsariwari / Soya wariBoondiraita, Rice, Chapatti Salad, GulabJamun Tea + Pakoda ChanaDaal+MahChilkaBainganAloo/ Seasonal Veg. Rice, Chappati& Milk
Tuesday Stuffed Parantha + Curd, Milk Rajmah, Plain Curd, Rice Chapatti, Salad &Papad& Milk Seviyan Tea + Maggie MungSaboot+ Chana. DaalGobhi
Mater/Bhindi Rice, Chappati& Milk
Wednesday Corn Flakes, Milk Stuffed Parantha with ImliPudina Chutney Mater Paneer& Non-veg., Seasonal Veg, Rice, Chappati, Green Salad &Rasgulla Tea + Mathi GhiyaChanaDaal, MethiAloo/
PudhinaAloo, Rice, Chappati& Milk
Thursday PooriChanna& Pickle, Milk Chana Masala, GhiyaRaita, Rice, Chapatti, Salad & Fruit Cream/ Gujjarkahalwa Tea + Noodles MungDaal MasurDaalGobhiAloo/
Lauki/Kerela Rice, Chappati& Milk
Friday Bread & Jam with milk Porridge Curry, Rice, Chapatti. Salad &Kheer Tea + Bread Pakoda Mutter Paneer, Chapatti, Salad , Papad, Milk
Saturday Porridge, Veg, Cutlet Bread with Butter/ Jam Kala Channa, AlooRaita Rice, Chapatti, salad &SujiHalwa Tea + Samosa Black MasarDaal, Veg. Kofta Curry, Rice, Chappati& Milk
Sunday Stuffed Parantha (Potato / Onion / Gobhi) with Butter or Curd, Milk PaneerMakhani, seasonal veg, Rice Chapatti, & Ice Cream / Jalabi Tea + Sandwich Seasonal Veg. daalMakhni, Chapati, Salad, papad, Milk

N.B : The menu may likely to be changed upon availability of Seasonal vegetables.

Paneer Varieties : KarahiPaneer, PalakPaneer, Mutter Paneer, ShahiPaneer, PaneerBhujjia, Paneer Chilly, Cheese Tomato

Note: Vegetables: Instead of Gajjar Mutter, Gobhi, Seasonal vegetables like bhindi, karela, Lauki, Tinda to be served for dinner.