DCS Seniors

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The DCS Senior years are a time of increasing independence and responsibility. Our primary goal at the senior at DCS is to help our students build a foundation for success in their post-secondary education and to prepare them to pursue fulfilling lives as adults. We seek to do this by:

• Ensuring that the school environment provides for the cognitive, emotional, social, aesthetic and physical development of our students.
• Providing a learning environment in which students explore, question, evaluate, and analyze information and ideas through active participation and collaboration.
• Helping students to develop an awareness and understanding of global issues and prepare for their roles as responsible global citizens.
• Encouraging students to pursue their interests through elective courses, independent studies and co-curricular activities.

Also the learning studios (labs), the Indoor Play Station (Sports room), Megabytes (computer lab), Karaoke Room, Music Factory, Dance Studio, Well Being Room and Lifestyle Education Room mark an enriching learning experience at the DCS Senior. The access to the auditorium, activity rooms and outside fields at the DCS Senior
The co-curricular program at DCS is designed to provide a well-rounded education by encouraging students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, in a wide variety of after school and weekend activities. Our philosophy is rooted in the liberal arts approach to education, which offers students the opportunity to explore and learn in all of the academic disciplines. We believe that our students thrive in an atmosphere of openness, participation and inquiry. WE are committed to high standards of academic achievement, integrity and personal well-being. We seek to educate the whole child and encourage participation in co-curricular activities such as team and individual sports and the visual and performing arts.