DCS Kids

The Montessori approach to education is based upon the child’s natural inner growth and spontaneous learning. Its goal is to foster the child’s development in order that he/she is able to reach his/her full potential. To assist this purpose, children work in specifically prepared environments, which enable them to develop essential skills (for example critical thinking, concentration, independence and cooperation) while absorbing key academic concepts. Children take part in the joy of learning

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In this system, education becomes a preparation for life. The child is given the best possible conditions to promote physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Most learning activities are individualised, so that he/she engages in a learning task that appeals to him/her and builds a positive attitude toward learning. Through a series of absorbing experiences, he/she forms habits of extended attention, increasing his/ her ability to concentrate.

Children develop at different rates and have different strengths and weaknesses. They learn best when they are interested in the subject. They gain decision making skills through the process of making choices.

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Learning is fun. Find out the DCS Kids way…

DCS Kids we believe that each child has a unique learning style and we respect this uniqueness. When a child does any activity at DCS Kids, you can be sure that it is contributing directly to the child’s physical, emotional or intellectual development.

Overall at DCS Kids in everything the child, does, learns or experiences, there is behind it a lot of planning based on educational theories.

Our aim at DCS Kids? Not only to be the largest chain of preschools but to become the largest chain that gives back ‘childhood’ to children.

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DCS Kids curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate education that challenges and encourages but never pushes. The joyous environment, child-friendly equipment’s, enticing toys and scientifically designed games at DCS Kids helps the children to listen, discover, imagine and create.The emphasis at DCS Kids is on children realising their inner potential and growing and learning at their own pace. They are encouraged to observe their environment and be aware of what is going on around them. Stress is laid on activities that promote language development, motivating the child to verbalize his/her thoughts, feelings and impressions of the world around him/her.

This method of learning encourages lateral thinking and builds confidence because the child is an active participant in the learning process. It promotes creativity and encourages the child to learn through trial and error and develop his own problem-solving skills. At DCSkids, we provide and arrange for these experiences, but do not thrust solutions for these problems on the children. They are allowed to discover the answer themselves through experimentations and investigation. This method encourages and promotes child-centred learning as opposed to teacher-directed learning as is often the case.The love and warmth of the teachers, who understand that each child is unique, facilitate the urge of ‘self discovery’ in them.

Why DCS Kids ?


Water play – essential for fine motor development and relaxed exploration needs.

Sand-play – essential for eye hand co-ordination, tactile experiences and exploration.

Parachute play – helps develop both the fine and gross motor skills, helps enhance the child’s listening skills and ability to follow instructions. Good also for developing pro social behaviour.

Block play – With assorted kids of blocks we help the child enhance his color, shape size and weight recognition; assisting them in hand-eye co-ordination, sequencing, sorting and more.

Readers make leaders A special reading corner – specific books that a child can spend his time productively looking at pictures and choosing from a number of international publications as well as Indian children’s literature.

Glenndoman reading – a time tested internationally acclaimed method to develop sight reading skills.

Yoga – for relaxation, rejuvenation, fun and frolic.

Drama/elocution – enhances the growing language development and expression skills.

Art exploration – with activities like painting, collage, drawing, clay art, spray painting, tissue art, warli art, madhubani and much, much more. Kids will have a ball getting paint all over their hands and fingers.

Field trips – so essential to support the child’s growing exploration needs about his environment.

Role play – will engage children to understand the world, their family, people who help them and aid them in understanding the roles that people play and will also develop a child’s growing symbolic play which will help him with literacy, numeracy and other essential skills.