DCS Juniors

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We as DCS junior provide excellent learning experiences, enriching activities, challenging sports programs and lasting friendships. Our students are well prepared to transition into schools in the United States as well as to other international schools.

We also embrace our host country whether it is through bring in local culture and events or through field trips. Through our advisory program we help students to learn about themselves, foster empathy and appreciation for others, and celebrate the unity in our diversity. Our extensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) program meets students at their level of English and provides support and instruction to learn English while learning subject area content.

We strive to provide an academically challenging environment in order to foster intellectual curiosity and a sense of responsibility in our students. To fully educate the whole person, we are committed to cultivating lifelong learners and balanced, service-oriented citizens, who are thereby prepared to positively contribute in a globally competitive world. Our programs help students to grow and develop in many different areas. Students enjoy our music program, both instrumental or choir, our physical education, arts, and the new addition of a drama program all within the daily curriculum. There are musical festivals, annual art shows, and a variety of after school activities. Our service learning program is developing to weave community service into our curriculum.

The DCS junior years are a time of transition and change as students grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We work as a community of faculty, staff and in partnership with parents to ensure that there is a supportive environment for this development.
To prepare students to face the Board examinations and other competitive exams all out efforts are made at the middle school and high school levels. There is earnest Endeavour to initiate all students into sports and games and all cultural events in the school and outside. The school has been registering excellent result in the Board exams with 100% pass and many national merit holders.