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Sport plays an important part in the life of the school, but we recognise that students have a wide range of aptitudes and abilities. No one sport is compulsory, but students must engage in physical activity on at least one afternoon each week.

All sports can be played competitively or non-competitively, with expert coaching always at hand. Students can choose to play to the level of their ability, with some playing simply as a pastime and others reaching Competetions, Regional or National level.

We encourage all our young people to develop their physical fitness, offering specialised coaching and a full-time fitness coach and swimming trainer. For individuals for whom sport is a passion, we make it easy for them to excel, building flexibility into the academic programme to allow for training.

Our location lends itself to sport. Facilities include an indoor sports centre or basketball courts as well as being used for a variety of other sports, squash courts, fitness studio and competition-sized pool, as well as astro-turf, riding stables and a practice shooting.

Participation in all sports is open to both girls and boys while professional coaches offer regular coaching clinics in all sports. There is a full range of inter-school fixtures at all age levels and mixed staff/student teams also play in local leagues.

Our competitive sports clubs include cricket, tennis, hockey, football, swimming, athletics, squash and basketball.

Sport at DCS is an important part of the balance that the school strives to achieve in its approach to extracurricular activities. There is a long and proud tradition of excellence in sport, but importantly we aim to cater for the competence level of each individual student, and to provide them with the competition and coaching that is going to ensure that they grow in confidence and enjoy the sport at the level at which they are competing.


The state of art, multi purpose Guru Teg Bahadur Outdoor stadium has facilities for almost all outdoor games like Athletics, Football, Hockey & Cricket. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sports Stadium, overlooking the Sports grounds, has full- fledged Gymnasium with the latest equipments for physical conditioning with separate timings for Boys and Girls.


A 400 meters Athletics track provides facilities for various kinds of track games. Long jump pits, high jump facilities and an athletics track is marked in the summer. The gym may be used for strength training. Four teams compete in inter schools races in both boys/girls in the Junior and Senior age groups. Open meets at school and zonal level take place for Athletics.


DCS has a full time professional swimming coach who oversees the top scholarship swimmers. No student is allowed to enter the Pool premises without the lifeguard. A six lane pool with full changing and showering facilities is there in the campus. Our top swimmers have the major benefit of being able to train up to 22 hours per week in a school environment which means finishing at 5:00pm, leaving plenty of time for academic pursuits!


The DCS Campus has two basketball courts. There are currently three teams. Two Boys and one Girls. The School plays in a number of friendly fixtures but there are plans to enter a league in the very near future.


The School has built a reputation for first class coaching across all age groups and the opportunity for all to be actively involved in the game. The main DCS team is currently coached by DCS cricket coach. Outside qualified coaches are also utilised. There is GTB Sports Stadium with grass pitches and a third artificial pitch. The DCS is having the best school pitch in the area and is very interested in using it for zonal youth games. There are two outdoor artificial nets. These outdoor nets are of national standard and reflect the commitment the School has to the game. DCS Cricket Board runs coaching courses in these nets. The School enters various zonal and Interschool competitions and in the last two years have been champions in various age groups.


The School has its own flock of horses for horse riding lessons & has a Riding Enclosure with space left for another enclosure. The School Riding Club is a registered Member of Equestrian Federation of India. Horse riding is one of the most popular sports disciplines on campus. No student is allowed to enter the riding enclosure or stables without the horse riding trainer.


There are a number of staff who assist with the training, many of whom hold formal qualifications. Full size football pitches there at the campus. A Gym is available for strength training and an Astro turf pitch for wet weather training. An extensive fixture list is played in the Autumn term against the top public schools in Punjab. Two Senior and two Junior sides play throughout the spring term. For a more detailed fixture list please feel free to view the School calendar.


There are two Squash courts on site. We have a number of teams for both boys and girls in all the age groups. We also run an activity for students who wish to play Squash as a recreational game but not compete in schools fixtures. The School plays competitive fixtures against other schools


Twelve tables are set up in the multi-purpose sports hall & other Residential areas for each activity. Competitions are played in 4 groups: U12 Boys; U12 Girls; U16 Boys and U16 Girls. However there is also a large number of recreational players during the activity period. Fixtures are played in the Autumn term. If successful at zonal level, we continue into the Spring term.


Tennis is a well supported and extremely successful sport at DCS. Many students play to a State level standard. Private coaching is available and Tennis is available every afternoon in the activity programme. There are two outdoor courts in DCS Campus. DCS have five teams in intraschool competition and around ten friendly teams in all age groups


The School offers Badminton as part of the Activities Programme and students can either be coached or learn the game from the beginning. Individuals compete in a number of competitions and games. The campus has two badminton courts.


The DCS Campus has two courts and there are opportunities to play on grass courts during the summer term.

We consider each and every DCS student as a delegate for DCS, we expect the students to be on time, prepared and always having the great spirit which makes winners apart from losers.

We, here at DCS, want the students to find themselves, and the only way we can let them find themselves is by letting them play and live life to the fullest.