World Languages

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DCS World languages Departmentis headed by Director – Principal Ms. Sunita Soni and supported by Faculties of different languages. Ms. Sunita Soni & her Team provide Most Modern & Innovative methodology (known only to select) for Teaching Int’l Languages (English, French & German) using the Electronic Languages Library.

The aim of the World Language Department is to equip students with the necessary skills that will enable them to excel in their post-secondary educational endeavors. In order to properly prepare students, the Foreign Language Department employs a wide range of instruction methods and tools that serve to introduce and reinforce foreign language skills. The Foreign Language Department is dedicated to producing a versatile student comfortable with, and displaying a command of, the respective language of study. The Department seeks to teach students to read, write and converse fluently in English, French & German. In order for students to properly absorb and apply language skills, it is necessary that they learn through different exercises aimed at cementing grammar rules, vocabulary, and expressions.

The grammar, vocabulary, and expressions presented are used to continually add to the students’ language base. Weekly material is reinforced with a variety of exercises, vocabulary games, individual and group projects, and other assignments that prepare students for evaluations before they are introduced to new material. Upper-level classes teach students to analyze literature in the respective language of instruction. The Foreign Language Department believes that by presenting students with a wider perspective on the language and culture of instruction, students will graduate from DCS World School with a well-rounded foreign language education.

It is the aim of the World Language Department to offer courses that will be useful at post-secondary educational institutions and in the diverse professions that DCS students pursue. As DCS World School adapts to a constantly shifting world of educational needs and advances, the World Language Department will continue to assess the need for additional languages of instruction.