Holistic Development Resources

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Holistic development Resources
The focus of our intervention at the schools is to enhance the learning levels of the children. The prime component of the programme is the intensive Learning Level Enhancement Programme (LLEP) delivered through trained personnel and educational facilitators coupled with school development and management. A right mix of management & social development tools and practices are employed to accomplish our vision of holistic development of the schools.~Confident Children, Independent Learners, Caring Citizens ~Realise a more holistic primary education, better prepare our young for the future“Our children should grow up to be confident persons, adept at working in teams and able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. They should be self-directed learners who viewEducation as a life-long process. They should also be innovative and enterprising individuals,                              able to cope with ambiguity and adapt well to change. At the same time, Singapore needs citizens whoare morally upright, have a strong sense of civic responsibility and who will contributeActively to society. These skills and dispositions should be inculcated in the formative yearsOf primary education”.We believe that these interventions will create an environment and processes, which will ensure enhanced performance of the school and children.
The processes & components of Holistic  development  resources

  • Diagnostic through structured Interview and audit process
  • Alignment meetings with stakeholders and goal setting
  • Workshops to solicit participation and responsibility of all stakeholders
  • Initiation of aligned interventions through School Support Team
  • Assessment and Review to capture the effectiveness of the interventions
  • Learning incorporation to streamline the process for sustainability and scalability

In the long term, these interventions could prove to be the most effective means of driving change the schools across our country, by ensuring a better quality of education and learning, by providing role models, appropriate exposure and guidance to the children from a very young age.



Learning Level Enhancement Programmes (LLEP)
Beyond the Bell – After School Learning Centre Functional academic coaching programme developed for DCS and managed by our education facilitators. Self Esteem Building activities by DCS  facilitators.
Classroom interventions Supplementary and complementary education to children by DCS teachers in Science, Mathematics and English through activity based methodology.
Pustak Mitra: Library Programme Inculcate habit and love for reading. An activity based programme implemented by DCS  facilitators.
Life Skill Programme Aims at building essential life skills of children facilitated by trained facilitators.
Computer Aided Learning programmes Use of computer as a tool to enhance learning and ensure students get the benefit of advanced technology.
Science Clubs  Science clubs managed by our Educational facilitators, School Teachers and children.
Science & Mathematics labs Facilitating the curriculum based learning and teaching through experiential methods.
Creation of conducive learning environment    Provision of educational resources and basic amenities including critical infrastructure support.
Extra Curricular and Co curricular activities Annual excursion, school / sports day celebrations, personality development forums.
Civil Society Participation
Parent community interface Meeting with  Parents and community interface, attendance and retention drives, right to education campaigns.