Department of Sciences

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The Department of Science is headed by Head of Faculty (Sciences) supported by Faculty members & three Lab Assistants.

The Department develop students with academic excellence and practical expertise. Well equipped laboratory facility and library supports the students throughout their course. The department works to specialize in almost every vital area of importance.

The DCS World School Science Department strives to develop
students that become informed adults and capable of continuing their pursuit of learning science at an appropriate college level. The true worth of science is found in its process and not just in the body of knowledge most individuals associate with it. The mission of the Science Department at DCS School is to cultivate critical thinking skills in all students so that every student will have a better understanding of how scientific laws govern natural phenomena and will be able to apply the scientific method to daily problem solving. In an ever-changing world, the students will be able to make the sound decisions that impact the environment, be able to evaluate information as it applies to an ever-increasingly technological world, and understand the manner in which science influences the human population. The Science Department’s philosophy is to give every student the opportunity to experience the joy of learning science for a lifetime in learner-centered classrooms where all learners may obtain a comprehensive science education that will help prepare them for the challenges they may encounter throughout their life, so as to become members of an educated, productive and satisfied citizenry.

The DCS Science Program is an integrated curriculum where Life, Earth, and Physical Science content is interwoven throughout the year in all grades. Each course is built around comprehensive teaching, practice, and assessment of science concepts and skills, with an emphasis on process skills necessary for scientific inquiry emphasising hands-on activities. The investigative experiments allow students to learn and follow the steps of scientific inquiry (scientific method), while using standard scientific equipment and proper techniques necessary for success in future science courses. The course promotes development of problem solving skills and encourages students to become critical thinkers and life-long learners.

Our DCS Science Philosophy states that “we believe students should appreciate science as a dynamic human endeavoru whose goal is to acquire, revise, and communicate knowledge, understanding of the natural world, and apply the methods of science in making effective decisions”. Furthermore, the goal of the School Science Program and it’s teachers is to instill in the students a “love” of science and an understanding of how it applies to and impacts their lives, while they gain important science skills.