Department of Humanities

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The Department of Humanities is headed by Head of Faculty (Humanities) supported by Faculty members.

The mission of the Department of Humanities at DCS World School is to enhance each student’s ability to examine the past as both the foundation of the present and as a guideline for the future. The philosophy of the Humanities Department is to challenge students to anticipate the future world by investigating the past.

As the world becomes an increasingly interconnected global community, the necessity for active, informed social, political, and economic involvement by enlightened citizens grows incrementally. In an attempt to nurture awareness and an accurate understanding of humanity’s cultural and historical heritage, the department offers a coordinated series of courses to teach the basic techniques of analysis, evaluation, and critical interpretation of the social scientist to meet the demands of our changing world.

Students learn how to associate and evaluate relevant facts and also how to articulate their insights in writing by means of essays and term papers. Faculty members also emphasize the social scientists’ skills and the historians’ wisdom through an in-depth analysis of the content of their courses, role-playing, debates, individual and group/class-led presentations, mock-trials, and field trips. Beginning with family histories and geography in the fifth and sixth grades, the middle school student continues with Civics in the seventh grade and World Cultures in the eighth grade. Ninth grade World History and tenth grade Indian History are the required foundation for advanced placement courses in both Asian and European History. There are also yearlong electives in Economics, Law, and Psychology.