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Delhi Cambridge School is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and English is the medium of instruction.

The Academic year at Delhi Cambridge School consists of two terms:

– Spring Term from March to September, and

– Autumn Term from October to February.

Some basic features:

Rather than following the system of streaming the students according to their performance, they are randomly divided into sections.

DCS World School follows a five and a half day week consisting of 40 periods (each period is referred to as a ‘school’ of 40 minutes each).

The overall student/teacher ratio is 10:1, and the average strength of a class is around 30 students. Sometimes we have as few as 4-5 students, in some subjects.

The teachers are assigned classrooms, while the students walk to their respective subject rooms at the end of each ‘school’.

The five minute break between the first and second bell refreshes their minds, stretches their limbs and gives them an opportunity to reflect on what has been taught or just chat with friends en route.

Yoga, Music, Art, Carpentry,  Design and Technology are compulsory subjects and are conducted for two schools a week. Apat from English, Hindi or French compulsary languages they can also opt for Punjabi as an additional language. Our well-equipped school library subscribes to a variety of newspapers and magazines and also has computers with internet connections. Being informed on current affairs is a vital link to the outside world. Every student is provided with a daily newspaper of his choice to ensure that that link is sustained.

The Archives provide a rich insight into the school’s past, are meticulously maintained and serve as a treasure trove of information for the historically-inclined.