Career & Guidance Cell

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The counseling office at DCS seeks to assist students, particularly seniors, in their college search and application process. The process of applying to college can be an exciting and rewarding experience, provided you have a clear idea of what is expected at each stage. To help you with this process, we have provided links to a number of web sites where you will find information that is essential for you and your family as you make preparations to go to college.

There is no question that for most students, deciding where to apply is complicated. Your decision will be heavily influenced by some factors over which you have no control by the beginning of your senior year—the grades you have already earned. It will also be influenced by factors that are entirely personal. It’s normal to change your mind several times as you try to decide where to apply. The fact is that there is no precise step-by-step process that will allow you to choose that one perfect dream college. For nearly every student, there are many institutions where you will be happy and successful.

If the process of choosing that perfect college seems random and arbitrary, you’re right. In the end, every decision about which college to attend is subjective. There are many colleges that offer you a great education, so you need to keep an open mind as you begin your search.