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DCS has state-of-the-art technology. Our pupils are engaged in 21st century learning. In a typical classroom, regardless of the technology being used, you’ll see students solving problems, thinking critically, being creative and innovative, communicating and collaborating. The technology department provides hardware and software to help teachers improve student learning, but 21st century learning can happen with or without computers. All of our computers are of latest configurations with Flat LCD panels. We have enough computers available that any teacher who wants to use computers with their classes can do so. We have a large tech support team to help ensure that the technology is working the way it should. All of our computers run Windows XP loaded with all requisite softwares. Technology has its place in every curricular subject. Our Science laboratories, for instance, are specially equipped for computer simulation of dangerous experiments. Less predictably, perhaps, there is a wealth of relevant software available for such subjects as Languages and Music. All students have access to a Design Technology Studio, equipped to industrial standards, in which they can pursue individual projects with the support and advice of visiting experts. The best of these experiments could well lead to commercially viable products even while the student is at school. The superbly equipped Library-Media Centre includes a Distance-Learning Studio for access to a wealth of curriculum and teaching from some of the best universities in the world. DCS is developing an extensive CD Rom library and there is Reprographics Centres in academic building. Campus wide Wi-Fi, networking & Hi-Speed broadband is in place 24 hours which is managed efficiently by the DCS network administrator. All data content and browsing is monitored & controlled. The network uses several softwares for controlling spam & harmful content for DCS pupils.