Strategic Plan

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We are committed to…

• Developing a community service ethic and practice in all students.
• Ensuring a caring school atmosphere is evident in how we work with students, families and one another.
• The practice of an open, transparent and collaborative decision-making process.
• Reducing our school’s environmental footprint.


• Student Learning – Through the use of the best practices in curriculum, assessment, instruction, and staff development, we ensure students receive a quality International education.
• Community – Through building a collaborative partnership among students, parents, faculty and staff, we strengthen the caring and service ethic of our school community.
• Personal Well-being – Personal Well-Being to be promoted and supported through the collaboration of students, parents, faculty, and staff using educational opportunities, resource support, and positive modeling.
• Facilities and Finances – Through a commitment to effective management we ensure the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all school services, the quality and safety of all facilities, and the fiscal sustainability of the institution.
• Technology – Educational Technology will enhance the quality of education students receive through the well-managed and purposeful integration of technology into classroom instruction and learning. Information Technology will enhance productivity and efficiency through the seamless use of technolgy for all users.